Keith's Blog - March 2014

Greetings to all you Stones fans out there!

We hope you are enjoying our new look website! Since our last chat, we have performed in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, with The Cavern Beatles. The show was fantastic, an amazing crowd and both ourselves and The Cavern Beatles thoroughly enjoyed performing to such an appreciative audience! Thank you to all who came and made it an amazing evening!

We have also returned to Blakeney Harbour Rooms for another sell-out show, and we wish to thank all our friends in Blakeney for their hospitality and making it another successful evening as it has been many times before!

Finally, we returned to Leamington Assembly last week, and once again the crowd overwhelmed us, and it was a pleasure to return, we hope to be back with you later in the year!

Right, that’s the Oscars ‘Thank You Speech’ done. Coming up in the next few weeks we have of course a return to Stamford Corn Exchange on 8th March, always a pleasure to return to Stamford. We have a show in the Gaiety Theatre in Ayr coming up on 15th March, a new theatre for The Stones, we hope to make some new friends up there in Ayr!

We also have an up and coming announcement about a certain ‘new’ band member; watch this space for an official statement soon!!!

That’s all for now folks, oh, and before I forget, we have a new look Facebook page for you to click and ‘LIKE’, follow the link on the bottom right of this page and give us a click!! The new page will as usual contain pics and videos from our shows, and you can also chat to us and give us your feedback, even send us your own gig pics and showcase your talent behind the lens!!

See y’all soon