The Band


The legendary Rolling Stones were formed in London in 1962. The original line up of Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman was later added to, first by Mick Taylor and then by Ronnie Woods, both in turn replacing Brian Jones.
Universally known as 'The Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band in the World', they have sold over 200 million albums worldwide, with hits such as 'Satisfaction', Start Me Up', Honky Tonk Woman' and Jumpin' Jack Flash', to name but a few - all known the world over. ‘The Stones’ are the UK’s No.1 and most authentic tribute to The Rolling Stones, bringing all the hits and timeless Rolling Stones tracks to the big stage - from ‘Satisfaction’ and ‘Jumping Jack Flash’, to ‘Ruby Tuesday’, ‘Start Me Up’ and ‘Brown Sugar’ - the Greatest Tribute Band in the World pays tribute to the World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band.
With all the energy and charisma of The Rolling Stones themselves, ‘The Stones’ pay an accurate and faithful tribute to the sound and look of an authentic Rolling Stones show. Far from being simply ‘look-alikes’; though, ‘The Stones' have the closest Mick Jagger look-alike on the scene, the group also pay great attention to the sound and feel of the music, all performed with the same accuracy, passion, energy and verve of the originals.
Complete with authentic vintage instruments, costume and mannerisms, the members of ‘The Stones’ are all experienced musicians in their own right, and the group has vast experience of the world of Festivals, Theatre, Live Music Venues and also Private Functions, tailor made to each client's requirements.
Since forming in 2007, ‘The Stones’ show has grown into a full-scale Rolling Stones concert, leaving audiences mesmerised up and down the UK, Europe, and further abroad. The group have experienced audiences of over 30,000 people while headlining festivals, and also regularly tour Europe, embarking on Theatre and Festival Tours of Holland, Belgium, Germany and Spain.
‘The Stones’ perform the music of The Rolling Stones faithfully, accurately, and with all the excitement an audience expects from ‘The World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band’.


Mick Jagger - Benjamin Wattam

Ben is the frontman of The Stones, and has more than just a passing resemblance to his counterpart. Coming from Eckington, Derbyshire, Ben has been influenced by Sir Mick Jagger for many years, even before ‘The Stones’. This was due to Mick’s relatives being from Eckington and the local area. Mick’s grandmother lived and died in the same village, and Mr Jagger has been known to visit her grave from time to time, even popping into the local pubs for a drink with the locals.

Appearing on stage since the age of three has left Ben in good stead to follow in Jagger's giant footsteps. From the church and school choir, to various covers bands, he then eventually progressed into the world of Tribute Bands. His first being a tribute to The Commitments, he finally found himself with ‘The Stones’ as Mick Jagger, giving his all onstage to capture the magic and energy of one of the first and greatest front men in musical history. Ben has studied the moves and the voice of the great man himself, aiming to give an accurate and faithful interpretation of Mick Jagger in his prime.


Keith Richards - Chris Neale

Long before he bought his ‘Micawber’ Keith style Telecaster, Chris was following the
guitarist’s footsteps singing in the school choir & then playing guitar with a home-made fuzz
box as a teenager in London. 
A love for the Stones was cemented on leaving school when his uncle gave him his old
(scratched) Stones vinyl 45s with the famous blue Decca labels along with a copy of Big Hits
(High Tide & Green Grass). 

Based in Amsterdam for over a decade before returning to the UK, Chris played in numerous bands in Holland, Germany & Spain. 
His obsession is the lost art of rhythm guitar. Early influences include percussive Telecaster
players like Wilko, Steve Cropper & Rick Parfitt.  Working in blues bands later ignited a love of open tunings & slide Guitar. 

Chris last saw the boys live at the Olympic stadium in Munich just a couple of years before
Charlie sadly left us.


Brian Jones / Mick Taylor – Jason Wood

Brought up on good old RnB, Rock & roll and Blues music, Jason started playing guitar at the age of 15, joining his first band at 19 and has been playing to audiences the world over ever since. Spending more than twenty years playing guitar as a ‘Cruiser’ with 60’s artist Dave Berry (Dave Berry & the Cruisers) and while working as a Cruiser backing other well-known artists such as Susan Maughan, Screaming Lord Such, Tommy Bruce, Jet Harris, Zoot Money, and Billie Davis to name but a few. Jason then ventured on to a new project with The Stones, and playing guitar in the style of two of his all-time favourite players; Mick Taylor, and Brian Jones. Jason pays a lot of attention to detail in both his playing style, and also of the instruments he uses, to keep his performance authentic.


Bill Wyman - Steve Bircumshaw

Bass was only thing Steve was interested in playing from an early age, he just loved the sound and effect of the instrument. He and friends used to pretend they were in bands as kids, making guitars out of wood in his Dad's garden shed. Steve always made a bass, painting them and miming to the top records on Pick of the Pops on the radio!

His first big influence was (dare he say!) Suzi Quattro, the only female bass player he knew of at the time. He remembers seeing her on Top Of The Pops and! Soon after this he started to really listen to music, and the players who influenced him began to emerge....John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Andy Frazer of Free, Geezer Butler,but also old Motown players like Duck Dunn and Carol Kaye. It wasn't long until the Bass Guitars became real and Steve was jamming along to Status Quo, Dr Feelgood and other 70 s bands.

Steve has played in many groups over the years, both professionally and semi-professionally, but finally found his home in The Stones. Steve has spent a lot of time analysing the way Bill Wyman plays, his distinctive style, and his sound, picking up authentic Guitars and Amps along the way.


Charlie Watts - Oliver Else